That G.U.Y video though.

If anyone knows me, they know that my only political views are Lady Gaga

Thank you, JP.

If my 21st Birthday Cake isn’t a Lady Gaga cake, I think I just might die.

Lady Gaga Fame looks nice next to my Katy Perry Meow and Purr. Soon there will be a 3.4oz bottle of Lady Gaga Fame to accompany the rest. 

Katy Perry makes me smell sweet and innocent and lovely. Lady Gaga makes me smell fierce and bold and wonderful! 

I feel so empowered with both of these fragrances. It just adds to it that I’m a fan of both of the divas :-)

We’re on a bit of a budget, because as most of you know we’re moving this month. So we have two rents to pay in September! However, I have the sweetest husband in the world who decided to buy the 1.7oz bottle for me. Whenever our finances get settled and we are moved into our new home, he’s going to buy me the 3.4oz bottle and the soap. I am happy!!! 

Guess who FINALLY got Fame by Lady Gaga today? :)

Disney Princess High.: TO ALL MY HATERS //BlondeHair-RedLipstick


Gaga is the Queen of Pop and you all fucking know it. Okay, so I just wanted to tell all my haters to suck my dick. I fucking hate all of you and you’re all irrelevant. And to everyone saying that Madonna is better than Lady Gaga, you’re FUCKING delusional! And Madonna released her last album in…

This is sad. I guarantee the person who posted this is no older than 13. If you are truly a Lady Gaga fan, you wouldn’t be telling “haters” to “suck your dick.” Nor would you hate people, or be telling them to go die, because Lady Gaga is one of the most love-promoting divas out there. (Mind you, I am not saying there are no other loving stars, just making a point.) Whoever you are, you don’t deserve to “listen to fucking Born This Way, it’s fucking amazing,” because you are giving every little monster a bad name. Also, you cannot bash Madonna. This goes for anyone and everyone. Madonna has been a star for decades. And no one is going to take that away from her. We must respect her for all she has accomplished. She has a huge fan base that includes people of all ages. She is well known, and will always be remembered. Many of her songs have become anthems for fans everywhere. Yes, Lady Gaga is a star. I, personally, am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. But I also love and respect Madonna. I adore Katy Perry, and I occasionally enjoy Nicki Minaj. STOP posting hate. It’s disrespectful. You have no right to bash someone who has worked hard to get to where they are. If anyone is delusional, it’s you. If Lady Gaga saw this post, she would be so disappointed in you. You have no right to say that you are a fan. She would not like this behavior at all. It is posts like these that make people think that all Lady Gaga fans are bad. And we aren’t! It breaks my heart to see things like this. When I tell people that I am a Lady Gaga fan, they automatically think that I am the type of person that you have displayed yourself as through this post. I don’t like to be compared to rude and disrespectful people. Because I am not a rude and disrespectful person at all. I am the type of Little Monster that Lady Gaga would want me to be. I don’t bully other fan bases. I don’t think I’m better than you just because you’re not a fan of Gaga. I love to promote love! Just as you should. Please think twice before posting things like this. I took a look at your profile. You have self inflicted photos on your page. And I guessed correctly, you are 13. For one, there is no reason to hurt yourself. It solves nothing. And secondly, when you make posts like these, it probably leads to others hurting themselves. There is no need to hurt others’ feelings. Especially your own. Please be considerate of other people. Think about what you’re doing. You’re hurting people. And most importantly, you’re hurting yourself. No one should be in that predicament. —Sincerely, a Little Monster that loves you. 

Via If U Seek Amy

Not all Little Monsters are bad… 

Please don’t bash the entire fan base. Please.

I’m not one of the fans that pushes the whole “Lady Gaga is better than every other pop star ever.” I understand and respect that other divas have fans, too. Even though Lady Gaga is my favorite overall, I am a fan of many other divas.

Some people are genuinely freaking out over Lady Gaga going brunette. I absolutely LOVE it. I could not be more proud of her.

She has told us that things are going to be changing.

I could not be happier that she is finally doing what SHE wants to do. Not what everyone else wants to create her into. We are finally seeing a deeper part of her. She is finally doing what she has worked so hard for. I am beyond thrilled for her.

I can’t express how excited I am for what we are going to see and learn through ARTPOP. Get ready, little monsters. It’s going to be huge. 


My Tumblr serves multiple purposes. I have my MILSO community, we military wives have to keep each other sane! Then I have my Lady Gaga/Little Monsters community, whom I love dearly. We too, have to keep each other sane.

And then there’s cats. Gotta have cats. 

I feel like I’m the only little monster that didn’t even think twice/notice Lady Gaga wearing fur.

She looked so fabulous that





da da do dootin, just dance

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