When you touch me I die just a little inside. I wonder if this could be love, this could be love. Cause you’re out of this world, galaxy, space & time. I wonder if this could be love. #takemetoyourleader #venus #gaga #artpop

Nikki and me. My smile is so huge in this photo. SHOW ME YOUR TEETH

Nikki and me. My smile is so huge in this photo. SHOW ME YOUR TEETH

Lady Gaga Fame looks nice next to my Katy Perry Meow and Purr. Soon there will be a 3.4oz bottle of Lady Gaga Fame to accompany the rest. 

Katy Perry makes me smell sweet and innocent and lovely. Lady Gaga makes me smell fierce and bold and wonderful! 

I feel so empowered with both of these fragrances. It just adds to it that I’m a fan of both of the divas :-)

Guess who FINALLY got Fame by Lady Gaga today? :)

Some people are genuinely freaking out over Lady Gaga going brunette. I absolutely LOVE it. I could not be more proud of her.

She has told us that things are going to be changing.

I could not be happier that she is finally doing what SHE wants to do. Not what everyone else wants to create her into. We are finally seeing a deeper part of her. She is finally doing what she has worked so hard for. I am beyond thrilled for her.

I can’t express how excited I am for what we are going to see and learn through ARTPOP. Get ready, little monsters. It’s going to be huge. 

I hate when people say that Lady Gaga has changed. No, you just can’t keep up. 

I hate when I pull up a tag of a celebrity pop star. Whether it be Madonna, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, or Lady Gaga….

And as you scroll down, you see all these posts about how much one hates the other. Such as people who are Madonna fans and hate Lady Gaga, for example. Okay…

"I love Madonna so much that I’m going to post under the Lady Gaga tag how much Gaga copies her and how awful Gaga is and how much better the TRUE DIVA is" …

Do people not realize that this hurts her fans? And do you not realize that it is possible to be a fan of more than one diva? I know many people that are both Madonna and Gaga fans. But… C’mon. I’m sure, if you are a Madonna fan, it hurts you to see people bash her.

Well, same goes for the other way around. Don’t bash someone and their entire fan base because you think you’re “defending” the artist that you love. You’re only hurting people. 

And this goes both ways. To people that love Gaga, but hate Madonna. Don’t post negative things about Madonna. She’s been around A LONG TIME. And she’s still WERKIN IT. So, why hate? She has a fan base, too. Her fans love her. She has had devoted fans for many many years. Don’t post hateful things under the Madonna tag. That’s where her fans go to see cool things about her. Such as photos, songs, and other things. Just as you go to the Gaga tag. And if you consider yourself a fan of Lady Gaga, you would know that she promotes love. Which bashing Madonna is NOT love.

This goes for EVERYONE. I’ve just noticed the Lady Gaga VS Madonna has been the main thing to come up. But I have also seen many many many hateful messages posted that are for Christina VS Gaga. 

Christina and Lady Gaga BOTH have a fan base. They BOTH have people who love them. It doesn’t matter what album flopped and how much more money one has made than the other. I personally love them both. If you’re a Gaga fan and you’re posting cruel things about Christina, her devoted fans are seeing that. And you are hurting their feelings. If you saw something negative said about Gaga, your feelings would get hurt just the same.

Why do we argue? Why can’t we all just get along and be bitches together? It doesn’t matter if we love different divas… That’s what we all have in common! We all are crazy about a DIVA! Even though we like different people, that is still something that brings us together. 

To all my fellow little monsters… I could use a pick-me-up.

I can’t wait!

Praying for a speedy recovery!

Has everyone seen the Little Monsters in Indonesia???? Oh dear God, I cried my eyes out. They don’t get to see her. So they made their own Born This Way Ball, and they made a public appearance about it! 

It’s so amazing to me how we can all be so different, we can speak different languages… But we’re the same because of her. We are all connected because of Lady Gaga. And that’s how I like it.

We love you, Lady Gaga! The whole world loves you!!!!

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